Finite Element Analysis for Structural Systems
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Welcome to FEASY, a multiplatform Finite Elements Method solver for solids and structures which is powerful, fast, lightweigth and easy to use. No more paying for features in complex codes you will never use. We are currently in alpha, so if You would like to know more, leave us a message.

Linear Statics

  • Linear deformation
  • Linear buckling
  • Isotropic, orthotropic and anisotropic material models
  • Concentrated and distributed loads
  • Inertial loads due to accelerations
  • Thermal loads

Structural Models

  • 2D plane stress, plane strain, axisymmetric
  • 3D solids, linear and quadratic elements
  • Truss and Euler/Timoshenko beams
  • Plane and curved plates
  • Composites and laminated composites

Linear Dynamics

  • Natuarl Frequencies
  • Zero frequency/rigid body motion modes
  • Harmonic load response
  • Viscous, proportional and material damping
  • Harmonic based transient dynamics
  • Direct integration tansient dynamics


  • Output for displacement, stress and strain at elements and nodes
  • Principal, Von Misses and Tresca stresses calculation
  • VTK file writing for graphic visualization

Graphical User Interface

Easy and quick study case construction, simulation launching and solver script file editing for more powerful control.
Multiplatform (Windos and Linux)
Windows GUI

Windows User Interface

Linux GUI

Linux User Interface (on Ubuntu)

Contact Us

FEASY is currently in closed tests phase. If you'd like to know more or give it a try, leave us a message and we will start a conversation. Our desire is to give industrials and academics a great tool for simulation and analysis, so any feedback is really welcome!